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So you have chosen and paid for your tiles (or perhaps paid a deposit) and now you need to ensure they will arrive on time and in perfect condition

Part two: Always follow up your tile order 


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While not all tile suppliers have questionable practices, the tiling industry is generally, notoriously unreliable.  This is partly due to the myriad problems that accompany tiles in general but also because it is highly competitive; in NZ and Australia at least.  While there are many reputable tile companies, it is an industry which seems to attract its share of shabby operators trying to make a quick buck at your expense.

Like everything that costs a lot of money, the purchasing and delivery of tiles can have dire consequences if not followed up.
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You have to be super vigilant when dealing with tile suppliers, and equally so if the tiler is dealing with the tile supplier. 
?➖ All good if you are an easy going person but if you are a person who worries maybe you need to be the one in charge of the receipt of the tiles.
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Ensure you personally follow up your order; don’t take reassurances from either the tiler or the supplier for granted

?➖ Your tiles need to be “in store” or “on site” at least 4 – 6 weeks out from requirement (ideally, the longer the better).  Situations always and randomly change in the building industry. 

Out of the blue, the tiler may say I am coming next week (three weeks early) because his schedule for other jobs has changed.  If you do not have the tiles, he may not then be able to come for 6 weeks due to his ongoing schedule.  This could be both highly inconvenient for you and costly.

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In my professional life I have heard story-after-story of woe (far many bad stories than good) from clients let down dreadfully because firstly, the tile supplier did not have the tiles in store by the time agreed upon and secondly, by the time they were required by the tiler. 
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?➖ What are the implications of this situation?  This means, the client had to get the nearest best thing in stock and go with that, so the tiler could do the job as scheduled; wait possibly many weeks for the chosen tile to arrive into store, or tear around to other suppliers trying to find the original choice in stock. All of which are not preferred options.

?➖ The tile supplier needs to be able to “show you” your tiles when they have arrived, and “you do need to sight and check” that they are the correct ones.

?➖ What exactly are you checking:

  • You are checking it is the correct tile in shape and colour; they need to have them all down so a box can be opened to have a look
  • You are checking the batch numbers are the same for a single bathroom application; batch numbers are all listed on the side of the box
  • You are checking the quantities add up to both what you have ordered and what you need; box quantity listed on the side of the box
?➖ You do not have to feel guilty about being a nuisance.  OK, it is fiddly, but it is your money and your product (because you have paid for it, or paid a deposit) and you have every right to require the supplier to show you your tiles to be checked off. 

?➖ Give them plenty of notice (4 – 5 days) that you want the tiles down to be inspected on such-and-such a day; call on the morning to make sure they know to still expect you. Make up a story if you have to, but make sure you are diligent about this. 

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?➖ As soon as you have checked the tiles “in store”, have them all delivered immediately! Then it does not matter what happens they are all there

?➖ Before delivery occurs, think at length about where they will go at your site.  Although on palettes, they need to be accessible because ideally each box needs to opened and be checked off for breakages as soon as they arrive.  It is far better to know about breakages well before the tiler commences than in the middle of it.  You need to do this, you cannot expect the tiler to do it.

Remember what I said about the tiling industry being very competitive.  This is the reason for suppliers to make promises they cannot keep in order to get your money, to prevent you going to the supplier next door.

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Credentials:  My credentials listed in part one. And once more, I would love to hear from you!  Please use the Contact form to write in with your questions or if you need any information clarified.

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