What is liberal eclectic?

le recognises the Gayiri people as the traditional owners of Central Qld. le believes Indigenous Australians have suffered and still suffer horrific experiences under Colonialism and the modern day version. We support the Uluru Statement from the Heart.

liberal eclectic has one job!

To enunciate why this or that house, building, artwork, hotel, shop or area stands out and transmits a captivating, positive vibe, story or history. le is not specifically interested in passing fads or the latest trends. Although, modern architecture continues to amaze me, I attempt to avoid anything fadish within architecture and design, aka ‘the arch’. De rigueur – natural materials, recycling, sustainability and timeless design.

le favours the underdog, the truly talented and design difficulty or speciality; we love projects that combine art, architecture and history. Whatever and whomever they are.

le will not…

  1. le will not inundate you with marketing messages.

  2. le is not interested in writing about information available on 200 other sites.

  3. le hates descriptive wiffle-waffle filler!

  4. le supports positive, genuine, left-field info about art, architecture, history & stores etc from a unique point of view.

Who is liberal eclectic?

liberal eclectic is a website dedicated to architecture, art, interior design and café culture.  Following completion of a Masters (Hons) in Art History (by definition included some architectural history), I embarked on a career as an art consultant and writer in Auckland NZ – respectively, the dealer galleries Ferner Galleries and Sanderson Contemporary.

Due to close relationships with artists and the gallery  programmes, an art writing pedigree developed from the many press releases, art brochures and articles about art and artists that were required as part of the job.

Consequently strong and intuitive descriptive abilities across myriad contexts developed, for example, formal, social, historic and psychological in both art and architecture. 

Above all a passion for the above subject areas exists and from this a desire to promote them.

The University of Auckland was my second home for close to ten years; originally obtaining BA’s in English Literature and Art History. Thus, self-evidently, all things Kiwi are close to my heart.  Alongside part of my Uni years I owned and operated a cafe, and worked in others.

Brisbane is my emotional go to city having spent my formative years there + being a dedicated stalker of the myriad weatherboard houses in Brisbane: I could actually drive around all day looking at them and never tire of it!  Ditto Auckland!

Lives in Queensland.

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