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Read about local art groups in the UK, like Hastings Art Forum. See how great art is founded and thrives when local communities value diverse opinions, open communication, the individual and a certain eccentricity.

It is a shame that so much great art is never or rarely seen by large numbers of people.  It is often only the blockbusters at major public galleries like the National Gallery London and the TATE that the public flock to.

Thus many communities are home to talented artists or artisans and they need to be encouraged. And self-evidently, more talented artists are drawn to those communities which support them.


Eleanor Taylor: At the Water’s Edge, Crown Hotel until Sat 30th Sept

Pink Cave, Dancers and Monte Verita are three of the works in Eleanor Taylor’s ‘At the Water’s Edge’ exhibition showing at the Crown Hotel Hastings UK.

Washed over with thin layers of watercolour they emit a vibrant transparent gracefulness.  Although colour is layered in rich pastel shades, the composition is flat and uncomplicated producing an ethereal effect that appears to evolve in front of you. The compositions are poised with soft volatility producing a dreamlike quality; like the subjects are fading in and out of consciousness or morphing into other forms.

Whether Taylor has been intentionally influenced by Matisse or not the connection is there in forms, colours and composition.  All works capture the zeitgeist in the undeniable link (thematically and formally) to the pristine and fragile position of nature. Within the broader debate around climate change the title is apt and in the current transitional stages from coal fired power stations to renewables it is as well to reflect on the tenuous position of our natural environments.

Quietly ecological these works have an instant appeal in the beautiful drenched watercolours and the sensual and floating forms inherent in the works.

Links to both Jerwood Gallery and Hastings Arts Forum collections are comprehensive covering all genres of art: Both have excellent exhibitions coming up – see them at

The Crown Hotel Hastings

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