Maurice – coffee and knits…?

Maurice coffee and knitwear: Véronique Leysen called her label Maurice, as a tribute to her grandfather in the photograph, and his face became the logo of her label. Maurice coffee and knitwear Grandpa Maurice is the muse and the face of the young knitwear- and coffee label Maurice. Maurice was a very charismatic and charming man. He started every day by standing on his head and combing his hair with fresh lemon juice.  Maurice s situated in a great part of Antwerp.  Antwerp is known as the city of fashion and Maurice is located very close to the Meir fashion precinct which is one of the main fashion precincts in Antwerp. And lucky for any person living in or visiting, Antwerp is steeped in the history of the great Flemish Baroque painter Peter Paul Rubens (1577 – 1640) ; the Rubens House is a wonderful place to visit upon arrival because Antwerp was Rubens own city and once there you are able to obtain directions to those parts of Antwerp that Rubens himself was so familiar with.  The NGA (National Gallery of Australia) has a couple of works by Rubens in their collection: The NGV (National Gallery Victoria also has a couple of small works by Rubens.  It is not surprising that Australia’s pre-eminent art institutions do not have major works by Rubens because the cost would be in the hundreds of millions (one such sold for $76 million in 2002).  The magnificent Antwerp Opera House is also nearby as is the lovely Rubenslei with park for a peaceful walk and stop for a coffee.  Maurice is situated in a culturally rich part of Antwerp; thus you can start off with breakfast there visit a number of historical sites and come back for lunch.  Maurice is central to all cultural needs too!

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