What is it about marinas?

All those wonderful boats we don’t own!  Vessels of myriad size & shape begging to be engaged upon the ocean: inspiring thoughts of voyaging & travelling to exotic locations around the globe.  Of romance on the high seas to ports unknown: Jack and Rose in a delicate, forbidden embrace.  Of trunks and ephemera bound for the goldfields and the colonies!  The sails of our antecedents, pioneers, and buccaneers disappearing over a wave into the sunset.

Or, sailing to one of New Zealand’s many beautiful & secluded beaches.  
Westhaven Marina Auckland: The original uploader was Joseph Watkins at English Wikipedia.


The marina adds a picturesque, individualised vibrancy to Auckland city!


Inside, Buoy is decorously under the pump!

A long counter queue inside, accompanied by unrelenting & patient divergents outside, a cache of athletic cadre, mobile popsicles and everything in between.

In spite of the hefty La Marzocco, when the order was taken (and in light of the queue), I wondered firstly, how long we would wait and secondly, would the fare be any good?


The espresso and food was exceptional!

As a first timer (effectively, since it had been a decade since the last visit), there is a degree of latent expectation – ‘what if’s’ rain down – not so the elephants or piglets, just the Mama! The worry pointless because the coffee came within five minutes it was perfect in appearance and equally delicious. The cakes and pastries just as excellent.

Clearly Buoy has immaculate sytems in place because after a relatively short wait under pressing circumstances, the food arrived.
Image courtesy Buoy Cafe Facebook
Not only was the food imbued with high flavour, but it also ‘appeared’ tempting & wholesome – important attributes in the full appreciation of food consumption.


The menu intriguing and diverse; the portions ample and it arrived in no time: impressed, we discussed the ‘goodness’ of the food at length –  a true sign that this institution is both creative and authoritative. 


Outdoors against a backdrop of sunshine, floating sails and dappled shade, enthusiastic devotees happily pass the late morning!

As a cake and pastry eater (a great range and very good!), I had time to wander around taking photos, and it became obvious that there were disparates in large numbers propping up this boutique cafe in Westhaven marina.

From locals with dogs to the arty, the elderly, Millennials, the bookish surfacing for a brief hour in the sun, and the many travellers who would undoubtedly be staying within easy walking distance: The Viaduct, Ponsonby and Herne Bay, areas rich in cultural diversity.

A feeling exists of a favourite haunt for the culturally dedicated & opportunistic alike: such was the broad spectrum of people.


A must visit when in Auckland not only for the quality of espresso, service and food, but to indulge a unique part of the city’s culture!


Espresso image courtesy Zomato
Image courtesy the Urban List.




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