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Out-of-towner discovers a comprehensive aesthetic adventure in Bardon! 

Living in a relative cultural desert out west, when on holiday in Brisbane (staying with friends in Alderley) I seek out new cafes in the area to kick off each inevitably busy day!  Having googled cafes in Bardon expectations were low when Goodfolk came up – the title a little soft and charming for my steely views!  But it was in the neighbourhood so a quick drive by couldn’t hurt!
On the day it was raining heavily, so spirits were languishing to begin with, and the elephant favours the least complicated path to the morning coffee fix at the best of times – not detouring to some ‘unheard of out of the way place’ in the suburbs in this downpour!


Once sighted, impressions shift decidedly!

Image courtesy Must Do Brisbane

And once inside they were completely revised!

Goodfolk was buzzing with a studious dishevellved vibe – positive energy radiated from every floor board, pine wall, endless tapestry, mismatched colour and well used accouterment. The ‘local folk’ escaping the weather warmed by espresso and abounding treats. On the surface it was perfect!


Goodfolk is rustic by nature, “…but allow an evolution of recipes with options provided from a modern-day pantry. But when all is said and done, it’s just food. Its importance is paired with the company across your table, and the precious time we spend with those who we cherish. In a nutshell, we’re all Goodfolk, gathering for a good time.”


An exciting comprehensive menu made choosing difficult!

What to have?

Whilst deciding I had toast with a flat white – modest yet immense with quality and flavour!

Espresso and cafe aficionados have an expectation of three things; quality food and espresso, friendly no-fuss staff and ambience!  Imperatives for a positive memorable experience: all were in evidence not only by our standards but Goodfolk clearly a hub for people of all descriptions!


The food surpassed all expectations!

The elephant had Granny’s Granola that included Buckwheat, Coconut, & Almond Granola with Apple Compote, Fresh Fruit and Mint. He is much more disciplined than his off-sider! 

Image courtesy Urban List Brisbane & Goodfolk

Whenever a new and exciting cafe is discovered, not wanting to miss out, I wonder if I should order ‘everything’?  I decided on Smashed Avo, with Almond Pistachio Crumb and Feta; unbelievably good!  OK, I know I had the toast, but an almond croissant is de rigueur, and you ‘have to have’ a macadamia and white chocolate cookie, right?  I know what you are thinking, but he eats most of what I order anyway! 

I will be back at Goodfolk on an impending interlude and want to have the Lemon Meringue Frenchie, Sweet Spiced & Butter Fried Sourdough w/ Lemon Curd, Crumbled Meringue and Fresh Strawberries. Nothing sounds better! 


And the staff made all the difference!

Friendly, obliging and a little idiosyncratic!  Plus, helpful, on the spot suggestions for one fussy person at least!

In spite of the busy-ness our food and coffees arrived in no time.  The thing you want no longer than five minutes after arriving is a coffee – longer than that and doubts begin to hover.

Quick turn-around makes great business sense too!  The sooner your espresso arrives the more likely you are to have seconds of both coffee and food.

I really hate chain stores and uniforms – if staff are wearing uniforms I begin to sweat before sitting down.

Goodfolk staff, atmosphere and menu were imbued with a dose of eccentricity which is exactly why it, on one side of the ledger, rang the harmonious bells.  Once we quaffed the food and the best espresso, the other side of the ledger was in balance. Gratifying!



Goodfolk Cafe is the full aesthetic experience!

Partake of exceptional espresso and food in Brisbane – Bardon is a mere 10 – 12 minutes from the CBD!  The journey enables a drive through some of Brisbane’s older inner city suburbs and the most exquisite weatherboard Queenslanders and bungalows. 

If you are into history as I am you can dovetail your visit to Goodfolk with a tour of Government House (original building dates to 1865) located in Bardon too: tours run from February to December.

Goodfolk Cafe is owned by Adam Murphy and Nick Turner, who also run the Gramps Cafe in Red Hill.  The owners, “…repainted the walls and added a few share tables, including a large 16-seater, for communal dining. Now, over 100 patrons can be accommodated for breakfast or brunch and the children may also play at the spacious garden in the backyard. 
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