Read how architects have the power to improve our lives, through the application of good design, at the London Festival of Architecture.

London Festival of Architecture (LFA)


Architects possess tremendous power to improve our lives.  Isn’t now the time, amongst all this political turmoil, that we shouted about the power of good design to change lives?
The London Festival of Architecture celebrates London as the global hub for architecture. The festival returns to the capital from

1 – 30 June 2020

with a lively and diverse programme of public events across London exploring the theme of ‘power’.
On our Views Pages we give space to…other less-heard voices to express their views and ideas.


Image courtesy LFA - Jubilee Gardens
As the world’s largest annual architecture festival, the London Festival of Architecture (LFA) offers you a platform to get your voice heard, test new ideas, celebrate your work, start a debate, meet new clients, get noticed, make a point, publish research, build something new, bring your team together, meet new people or change our city for the better.


The London Festival of Architecture has always proved to be a platform for vigorous debate – both about our theme and about wider issues affecting London. 

Palace of Westminster, image courtesy Deitmar Rabich


Ellie Stathaki, image courtesy Anna Stathaki
On our Views Pages we give space to…other less-heard voices to express their views and ideas. These are their opinions and not necessarily those of the Festival. 
At the same time, power is not just about the social sustainability…It can also be interpreted from an environmental perspective, through the study of energy resources, our built and natural context, and our life and wellbeing through the lens of the ecological challenges of our planet.


The point about power, therefore, does not lie in its possession but in what it achieves…For me, power must always be used to effect positive change.
On an individual level, this means how we can inspire and empower one another and, on a professional level, it means the ways in which we can lead by example and instil a sense of purpose throughout our organisations.  Ros Morgan
Ros Morgan with John McElgunn from Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners under the LFA 2019 ‘Boundaries’ installation on Piccadilly, St James’s.


If travelling to London in the summer the London Festival of Architecture (LFA) is not to be missed! 

Image courtesy LFA

The LFA offers discussions and symposiums on the relationship between ‘power and architecture’ in its many forms.

Access the views of myriad professionals on architecture through the lens of ‘Power’, and learn about the issues confronting architecture in the 21st century.

Plus, why ‘Power’ is an integral ingredient in the concept of public architecture and always has been!


Moreover, you can tour London and England’s amazing architecture while there!

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