——— SCOUT CAFE – Petrie Terrace Brisbane ———

On a definite mission to make it to Scout this time around in Brisbane, it was a pleasant surprise to encounter abundant greenery, delicious homemade treats and a La Marzocco machine: essentials sure to make this espresso stop an experience to remember!


Chasing down a quality espresso experience in Brisbane means being constantly on the look-out each time there for a visit.  So far I have been rewarded many times over.

See the list at the bottom of the ‘Café Culture’ page.

As soon as stepping inside, Scout feels inclusive, defined and refreshing!

An atmosphere of original and gentle eccentricity pervades.

For the uninitiated, Scout is in Petrie Terrace (just on the fringe of Brisbane’s CBD), and the abundant plants are not the only things energised and flourishing!

A constant stream of locals, a cabinet full of inviting treats and a sophisticated machine meant we were half way there before we sat down!

The ambiance is one of congenial contrasts because the building is evidently historic, displaying the original timber floors, brickwork and paint peeling walls – a no fuss vibe enhanced by verdant greenery.


What I love about discovering a new café is the ‘individuality’ owners give their institution.  This is where the experience as a whole comes into play; if there is ‘no enlightening atmosphere’, you will be loath to return.

The atmosphere needs to approach ‘incorporating a continuum of possibilities’, like attitudes, interiors, quality coffee and food and ‘something else entirely unique’: it shouldn’t decisively ‘start here and stop there’ in the way it presents to the public.

As you know I bang on about the pointlessness of spending good money on a bad experience; we did not need to worry about that at Scout.

It was heartening and worth the double-drive-around to arrive.  I have many favourite cafes in Brisbane; see For the love of perfect espresso & the artisan highlighting one of them.

Still I am always on the lookout for new ones – especially those that are a little historically dishevelled with unique surroundings, and of course serving up exceptional coffee.


With time constraints preventing a complete free-for-all, we ordered flat whites, orange and almond cake as well as sour dough toast with homemade mixed berry jam.  It was delicious; in all cases the textures and flavours were impeccable.

Scout Cafe was added to the list because the quality was indicative of committed purveyors of quality coffee and homemade food; backed up by the presence of a La Marzocco machine.

These elements together signify authentic devoted artisans.  And if further proof were required, the menu, although small, is ambitious and comprehensive.
Scout ticked all the boxes!


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