Room Rambles: Ashley Lavonne – Hancock Park

HANCOCK  PARK: Sitting Room


The interiors of Hancock Park stand out for a plethora of reasons: not least the creative fusion of disparate ideas. The sitting room is one of many exquisite rooms in this house, and it immediately captured my attention.  

It is richly textured ,coherent, alluring, multifaceted (threads cast in various directions), welcoming and entirely unique.


The palette is beautifully balanced and synthesized to the lush garden in the background. 

While the rich textures are obvious, they harmonise in multiple yet diverse ways!  By way of explanation, the designer has employed connection strategies, such as the ‘mauve’ walls, which borrow from both cool and warm palettes.

Aesthetic balance is important for understanding, the pull of symphonic resonance, and thus, subdued yet decisive impact.

There is a mix of ‘exotic fabrics’ and natural enrichments – wall sconces, Bruck Lora pendant and timber pieces. The differing vintage occasional chairs are refurnished with contemporary yet classic fabrics, and speak to an astute design choice. While one is neutrally upholstered and the other wears a warm hued fabric, they each project their own identity within the scheme. This means, if need be, they can seamlessly relocate to other areas of the home.

Importantly the palette covers the spectrum of warm through mid to cool tones: though warm hues are in the ascendent, the moss sofa base and sheer blue blinds are cool colours.

The timber furnishings and fittings, as well as the sconces and the ‘white’ (or pale) window surrounds are neutral, classic and homely (yet in this context, not overtly so).  Additionally, these attributes realise further reasoned connections adding to the prevailing equilibrium of the style.

Quietly highlighting the architectural style of the windows (using both the achromatic tint and the verdant exterior), ensures the original features of the home are celebrated in subtle ways as both an enveloping and integral part of the overall interior’s plan.


A soft eccentric sophistication emanates from the space, courtesy of the artwork, the mix of fabric patterns, the timeless timber furnishings and the fact that there is no one style in the ascendant.

Summarising, there exists a convivial vibe that embraces wear and tear, and the general push-and-pull of home life.

Moreover, important to the success of this room beyond the palette and the fabrics, are the sculptural aspects: pendant light, coffee table, occasional chairs, stool side table – there is nothing feeble or ineffectual: merely strong, confident shapes.

The clients want to see themselves reflected in their surroundings; to feel connected, respected and represented. This interior does that – it is assured and unconventional, and yet discharges a distinctly beautiful design signature and character.


Significantly, the room will not date in the near future or medium to long term because it is eclectic and unprecedented.

The design is personal and thus neither prescribes to nor relies on trends. It is clear that both the client(s) and the designer eschew an over refined ‘corporate’, off-the-shelf style.

The space emits a feeling of family and creativity; one that invites conversation and relaxation. This point is supported by the playful jungle-esque sofa fabric and the lack of over-sophisticated or seemingly forced choices.

Undeniably projecting ease, there is a pervasive sense of the design as long established – having evolved over time.

In sync with that idea is the perception that it is unique to the inhabitants and their singular image and lifestyle.


The sitting room in Hancock Park exhibits discerning design that is responsive to change.  The room can be rearranged, the fabrics simply altered, items added or removed because it is meaningfully eclectic.  Alongside, it is strategically theatrical in an understated way, and that confirms it as joyful and spirited.

By recourse to these conditions the design will not only endure but will perpetually command attention, a factor typical of all spaces in the home. 


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