Discerning DIY designers need look no further than Isabel Lopez Quesada for inspiring interior design ideas! Revealed is a stunning sophisticated eclecticism!



As I mentioned in the Dulux post, 2018 was an amazing year for architecture and interiors! Thinking architecture and interior design could not get better, they most assuredly did!

My favourite room from this year would have to be the Isabel Lopez Quesada because I love the soft vintage look.  You all know I have a thing about eclectic interiors, because theoretically they never date, drawn as they are from various design periods with a vibe based on self-expression and intuition.

The featured room is dynamic, elegant and sophisticated and in spite of a lot going on it remains light and playful; it imparts a free spontaneous feeling, clearly the owner loves beautiful things, is creative and revels in the design process.

parisian style
Isabel Lopez Quesada The Sibarist
The person that identifies with this style does not follow trends or other’s design ideas, they have plenty of their own and confidently project them in an eclectic manner.

Aficionados are able to discern the big picture and decide on the look they want without the need to spend a lot of money on one hand, and draw from what they have already collected on the other.

Yet, they are up to date!  This room speaks to the right look for the second decade of the 21st century; the right look for the right time, but approached from an individual point of view.

These collectors buy piece by piece based on a personal love of the object in question; they know it will work with their collection because it projects an image they have already established and manifested.

This stunning throw hits all the high notes in terms of style, colour and finesse! From the Finnish Design Shop.  The exquisite queen bed was found on Ebay, the quality is obvious, while stylistically it is a cross between Art Deco and Federation!  A great buy for this look!

Pure white linen sheeting is at once immensely pleasurable and long lasting.  There is nothing more luxurious than sleeping between clean & cool white linen sheets if you live in a hot climate.  These images from Bedthreads & 8 Hours Sleep

get the look

Vintage stores & antique shops have amazing tables like this one on offer!  Tables such as this can be picked up for a few hundred dollars or less on ebay too and the quality means they can be used in a multitude of places with or without disparate chairs.  Equally this gorgeous lamp can easily slot into an eclectic concept, from West Elm.

Black and white prints within a pale timber frame scream sophistication! While this one is from Lumiere Art & Co there are any number of dealer galleries that sell black and white prints or posters.  The black and white here adds a level of simple finesse. The casual chair from Finnish Design Shop is perfect in this situation because it is pale in colour and is composed of cane with a rush seat, thus it appears light as well as transcending distinct trends.

Similarly, the Hans Wegner bedside table is a basic form in pale timber and as such will endure both as a style and a quality object.  From Great Dane Furniture.  Additionally, the understated hemp rug from Miss Amara is ideal in a scheme with numerous disparate elements; it won’t date or wear because the quality is assured and the design simple.

These options are by no means set in concrete; a lot of the fun is researching different options that allow a similar style in a look that is uniquely yours.

Have fun! The most enjoyment comes from the hunt!

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