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CREATE THE LOOK: Living room at Half Moon Bay

Record some easy ways to establish a unique interior design style! Diarise key tips that are easily achievable, stylish and practical.


I fell in love with this room the first time I saw it in 2015!  Why?  Because it effortlessly combines retro or vintage style with contemporary design. 

In Halfmoon Bay British Colombia, the house designed by Falken Reynolds is close to my perfect beach house.

It is eclectic and as I continue to stress, eclectic design means the look will never date because it is drawn from many periods of design history and is intuitively personal. Unlike any other design it is entirely unique in every sense.

eclectic interior 2019The layout in the living room at Halfmoon Bay is central to the interior design scheme in this part of the house.  The larger pieces and soft furnishings have to work with not only the client’s preferences but also a light, bright and white adjoining kitchen; albeit one with light timber trims.

The design plan is vital because this area represents the house’s engine room of activity.

The living room will get a lot of use, and consequently, the inhabitant’s lifestyle and spirit need to be aligned to the styling choices made, the dwelling and of course that inimitable view.   

Self evidently, the living room is a multi-purpose room with just the right amount of furniture.  Necessities only because a holiday home (or indeed the family home) should not require endless house work.


Obtaining the look!

The best money spent will be on the ‘defining’ or prominent pieces like the rug, sofa and coffee table.

When your interest and style is eclectic, as long as you apply the rigours of quality and restraint (don’t go off on tangents!) to purchasing, the items that form the basis of what you begin with will always be able to travel with you when and if you move.


get the look

The right rug means you won’t see the dirt, and dirt and fluff will gather around the edge making it easy to remove.

Rug Hints
The two pictured are woolen from AU RUGS. Woolen rugs are the best because they trap the dirt, they are robust and easy to clean. 

A cotton rug will work also, yet will not have the added texture a woolen rug affords.

Half Moon Bay rug: It is neutral and earthy in tone which is perfect for maintenance, and to ensure it goes with all other furniture and design aspects.

There are many woolen rugs that would work in this context on Ebay the link here.

A rug cuts down housework significantly.


You have a big choice of occasional chairs.  The key to your scheme is not price but quality – most often people end up with some cheaper options and a few more expensive pieces.

create a unique living roomCULT DESIGN Hans Wegner Shell chair is high quality, and while not the cheapest to buy new it is an iconic piece of furniture and as such it will never date.  The point being, sometimes paying the extra is entirely worth it.

Space Copenhagen designed Swoon Chair to fill the gap between a conventional lounge chair and a typical armchair for use in lounge areas as well as private homes.

The organic, yet structured design…provides an instant feeling of relaxation while offering excellent back support.

Upholstery options available upon request at GREAT DANE

create the look


Norm Architects work to a set of design principles…around a minimalist, functional approach.

Quiet design attributes that result in pieces of furniture that work exactly as they’re intended to.

Both shells are individually upholstered, easier to change the look over time if you desire. A companion that will follow you loyally through life.


Isamu Noguchi original

isamu noguchi coffee table

This classic table authorized by the Isamu Noguchi Foundation was originally created in 1944.

The brilliantly simple design consists of only three elements, the glass top and two interlocking wood base pieces.

The table is an extraordinary harmony of form and function. Made by the table’s original manufacturer, Herman Miller.

Although I am unsure of the ethics here, replica’s of this beautiful table can be found on Ebay and other Australian design stores.

SPACE The Noguchi table in situ.

Noguchi himself described Coffee Table as his best furniture design… reminiscent of his bronze and marble sculptures of the time, translating the latter’s biomorphic formal language unadulterated into a piece of sculptural furniture.



diy STYLINGNew Oriental Raleigh Floor Lamp, Natural: Refine your room with Hamptons-style illumination. Timber stand with metal elements for a strong and sturdy structure / adjustable height to customise the lamp light / tapered fabric shade with a heavily textured finish to diffuse light in your space


A quality standard lamp with sculptural form can transform your space – on or off!  Moreover, standard lamps can be moved around at will to perform different functions in a room: to highlight an art work, to read by, work on the computer perhaps.

They are also useful and enigmatic space fillers.  Thus, if you have an empty corner, an occasional chair with standard lamp and a plant will transform it instantly.

If you can’t afford anything else, a lamp is a very good long term investment if neutral in form and colour.


Woodi Floor Lamp – 150cm – White + Oak.  All our items are carefully sourced and selected based on their quality, craftsmanship and production costs. We strive to provide beautiful designs to our Australian customers at affordable prices. Specifications: Wooden Base + Fabric Shade; Globe: E27 40W max – Not Included

create a personal look



design your own room

Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec have designed a substantial series of feature seating with an incredible understanding of material and form. The patchwork components are mathematical in design as well as

decorative and give a comforting and reassuring feel to this functional chair.


The key to the sofa in this context is the quality, simplicity and fabric.  It needs to look and feel relaxed, yet project quality and finesse in keeping with the other components in the room.

If wool is chosen it will at once endure,remain easy to spot clean, as well as exhibit a character in keeping with the high quality the space emanates.


Arne Vodder AV53 two seater was designed in 1953 by Danish architect Arne Vodder.

A classic Mid-century style; beautiful from every angle. 

danish design



DIY design at home

NATI TATI The new addition to the much beloved and awarded Tati series is a small and elegant nightstand or sidetable which is easily placed and perfectly suited for both bedsides and small living spaces.

A flexible design with many uses and easily able to accommodate plants – top or bottom!


Ethnicraft Oak Frame Side Table is made from timbers that support TFT, a not-for-profit organization that promotes responsible forest management.

Oak timber was chosen by Ethnicraft due to its natural occurring splits and knots which each  piece unique.

The timber for this piece has been tinted with a water-based colour and then oiled giving it a high quality finish.

DIY room design



Image courtesy Better Homes and Gardens

Buy plants online Brisbane, Sydney Melbourne

Indoor plants add so much character easily and simply – just remember to water them outside.  These have the additioinal benefit of being air purifying varieties, thus fulfilling two important functions within the home.

how indoor plants add charchater
Image courtesy Better Homes and Gardens

Buy indoor plants on Ebay

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