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What are the key components of a great cafe?  Find out below…

For an architectural, history and ritual nut, finding a cafe that ticks all the boxes is essential.

There are innumerable cafes in large cities, but only a small few deliver high standards time-after-time; for them a quality experience is all important.  And, they want their customers to feel as they do about quality. 

They also understand that if you are going to expend time, money and resources on a venture, there is no point unless your heart and soul is in it.

OK, so occasionally perfection is not reached but even so it should still be possible to rate your coffee and café experience above 90% otherwise there is no point you spending your hard earned dollars. Alas, it is always much easier to find cafes with low standards than it is to find them with high standards.  Persevere!

Which brings us to the key components of a great café!  Great cafes are always busy, however that in itself is not the only criteria, McDonalds are usually pretty busy too!

But the fact that they are busy is key, that the methods are tried and true, they know what they are doing.  Busyness however, is no excuse for the quality being less.

The building or café itself should have atmosphere, for mean that means historic and a little disheveled but whether old or new it must have atmosphere. 

Being packed and buzzing adds to the general milieu, but even if relatively empty it should still have a wonderful vibe which comes from the design, style, attributes, staff, chattels and presentation of wares.

The food, irrespective, should look good, taste amazing and should have texture and colour; perhaps not all pastries but everything else.  “At Cuillier, we have a big choice of gourmet snacks; cakes, madeleines and muffins…”

The coffee should be a dark caramel colour and the crema should cling beautifully to the sides of the cup as you imbibe.  The crema is responsible for the flavour.

If the crema is perfect it means the beans are fresh and the grind indicator is correct.

The crema should cling to the sides of the cup whether it is a long or short black, or whether it is a milk coffee.  If it is a latte or flat white when you first taste it, it should be creamy,moussey and full of flavour.

When it all comes together with the latest Vogue Australia or Vogue Living Australia there is no better ritual or way of spending a week-end morning.

I am so looking forward to my next coffee…!
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