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Luigi Rosselli Architects combine sculpture and architecture in Beach House on Stilts

Luigi Rosselli Architects uniquely understand what it means to be an Australian living on the beach in Sydney and how architecture can positively shape both the notion of place and the lifestyles of people in that place.  

Beach house on stilts has immediate street appeal with its relaxed corner veranda and simple symmetries cut across by the gentle curve of the spiral staircase.  Moreover, it is clear that the architects understood the opportunity the renovation afforded them for not only improving the lives of the inhabitants but of also enhancing the visual dynamics of the existing architecture.

The form of the sculptural “floating” roof (imitated by the shape of the lower balcony) dissects the rectangular forms of the original house generating a significant change in both the identity of the house and the nature of the architectural footprint within the suburb of Colloroy. Beach house on stilts is now possessed of a new bespoke identity courtesy of the architect’s vision – it is the northern beaches of Sydney.

Essentially a refined beach house, this lovely home is jubilant and easy on its foundations, although dense with detail it is not precious.

The expansive spaces and high ceilings, the essentially white palette and textural elements contribute to a cultivated appreciation of keeping it simple while injecting invigorating design concepts.

There is a sense of the beach and ocean as elemental to the house rather than the house superficially adopting a seaside aesthetic; a crucial difference. Although not a residence which subscribes to Minimalism decorative elements are restrained in the knowledge that if quality materials (organic and man-made) are used judiciously there is no need for superficial decoration.

The multiplicity of angles and textural diversity brings into play innumerable surprising and exciting counterpoints as you move throughout the house.

Australians love the idea of the beach even if they never set foot on the sand; house on stilts incorporates this vision as one of lazy book filled afternoons and wafting ocean breezes in tranquil surroundings – a sanctuary.

Architecturally, Beach house on stilts is not bogged down in any one tradition, and will endure as an aesthetic because while it embodies many styles it is possessed of a singular personality.

The additions are weaved through the old home with playfulness and sympathy towards the retained…timber work and the relaxed atmosphere of the stilted beach bungalow.

The unconventional little boxes, the black framed glass wall partitions, the brass extractor facades and the roof of the first floor addition are triumphs of diverse thinking but are yet practical applications.

This is a house designed with the lifestyle of the inhabitants in mind; it is open and accessible while adapting easily to the various situations different personalities require of a home.

The natural unpretentious vibe and pared back finishes is something Australians relate to; sand, wet towels and mess; this is a house happy to be so lived in. The architecture means it is not only beautiful and liberating but perpetually welcoming; a home that looks after you, a wonderful place to find yourself in the frenetic fast paced world we live in.

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