Why do some rooms produce heart thumping emotional reactions?  A ‘wow’ – stopped in your tracks moment!
Mostly we don’t think about it and when pushed it is difficult to articulate exactly what we love about them: there is a certain je nais sais quoi experience.
Room with a view defines a few key attributes that propels these rooms from merely functional to creatively compelling in every sense: discover the beauty and charisma of architecture.



Casa Sierra Fría, Mexico City

When entering the house a continuously-flowing space is revealed surrounding the garden, the element that brings it all together and the core of the design, which is visible from all of the rooms and common spaces.

Material and geometric diversity in union with the ample and multifarious spaces immediately creates a sense of awe and wonder.  Since privacy is the over-riding rationale, then creative and visual excitement the precursor for an enveloping feeling of refinement and joy.

Casa Sierra Fria: Image courtesy Esrawe Studio

The garden not only appropriately links the benefits of green space to personal well-being (whilst acknowledging aesthetic necessities in urban dwellings of the 21st century), but it provides a luscious back drop to the solid forms of concrete, brick and stone. Abundant and beautiful, it is an accessible way of relieving stress within the frenetically urban environment of Mexico City.


A search for promoting spaces of encounter and interaction, fostering an introspective relationship, isolated from the exterior.
Casa Sierra Fria: Image courtesy Esrawe Studio

The stone, concrete, brick and timber release the dynamics of their materiality relatively and in rapport when all sides of the building are contiguous to, and tempered by, the garden: the greenery here, a mucilage between disparate walls. 

There is ‘art’ built into every aspect of this design project, simply highlighting the beauty and charisma of architecture.

The lower ground floor staircase is a case in point by recourse to the pale timber (which aligns gracefully to the interior stone) and the charismatic cantilevering.

The wide ‘window return’ facing the garden on the ground floor could be used in a few ways to relax, yet additionally, it punctuates the glass transition between inside and out in a light and thoughtful manner.  Ditto the concrete planters adorning the significant concrete wall – a simple idea that creates impact, whilst adding beauty and environmental value.



Indoor and outdoor spaces are given the same priority within a house that connects its inhabitants strongly at all times to both water and garden.


The quote says it all when living in Queensland, Australia.
The Cove House: Image courtesy Justin Humphrey Architect

Apart from the ideal location, this room resonates because the material textures create distinct areas, as well as intimacy within what is a voluminous space.  

The articulated textures and forms transition the space into discrete working zones.

Namely: concrete, timber, tiles, laminate and stone.

The Cove House: Image courtesy Justin Humphrey Architect

The cool and neutral charcoals enhance the subtle interiors, aided by light from the outdoors and the timber battening; all of which is conducive to relaxation and escaping the fierce summer heat.

The designers have created an atmospheric continuum which, by implication, enlightens the senses to a nuanced appreciation of the refinements in this ‘interior – exterior’ strategy.
Plus, unavoidable weekly schedules for the family would dissipate a little in the face of the commanding view! 

Photography: Andy Macpherson


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