Bird Rock Cafe La Jolla California: Great coffee syncd…

Trying to find café experiences that sync the attributes of stimulating ambiance, great coffee and amazing food (and hopefully wonderful architecture) is a difficult thing, especially when the chosen venue is on the other side of the world and you have never been there.  Thankfully, there are definitive give aways to aid the stymied traveller; in the  cup coffee quality is largely dependent on the skill of the  maker in terms of texture, while the colour and crema denote the quality of the beans.  Bird Rock’s blog blurb indicates that on a theoretical level at least they know what they are doing. It is so easy to spend good money on bad coffee and yes life is too short to drink bad coffee and there is no need to anyway.  This writer believes ritual is one of the key’s to a happy life and the day starts with the ritual of wonderful coffee and an equally wonderful treat times two!  Before having imbibed, it is possible to tell whether your coffee is worth the trouble and the money?  If it is a deep caramel colour with crema clinging to the sides you can expect to be gratified. The quality of the crema tells you the beans are fresh and full of flavour.  There is nothing better than trying a new café and discovering a great coffee experience in terms of freshness, texture (moussey and creamy) and flavour. For me a plum and white chocolate brioche to go with it verges on the utopian, alas, I have never found this in Australia but Auckland is steeped in coffee and brioche pairings en masse; for now let’s see how Bird Rock in La Jolla stack’s up!

“From the farmer to the beans, the roasting to the brewing, to our service, our relationship with our neighborhood and our impact on the environment. We are always striving for perfection. The green beans we seek must meet our high standards, and we roast and prepare this coffee with the utmost respect to those who grew it.

At Bird Rock Coffee Roasters, we believe in giving back – to the farmers and to our own community. We’re actively involved in almost every community event in Bird Rock because it’s important to be part of something bigger than ourselves. Bird Rock Coffee Roasters takes pride in showcasing the talents of local artists and performers of the Bird Rock Community. Visit Bird Rock Coffee Roasters’ events page for more information about our Live Acoustic Music/Open Mic Series. To participate or inquire about displaying your artwork in Bird Rock Coffee Roasters’ Coffee Bar, please email Bird Rock Coffee Roasters.

Stimulate your brain and your senses every Friday morning at 10:30am…in our Tasting Room we will introduce you to the fine art and science of coffee “cupping” the process coffee professionals use to evaluate coffee for purchase and for quality control.”

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