Dear Jervois: Coffee sustainability just the beginning…

“Nestled in the heart of Herne Bay, Auckland, Dear Jervois Cafe and Venue is a casual dining space that caters for all diets and preferences in a way that promotes health and well being.”

Not a minute after putting the boot on the tarmac at Auckland airport from Brisbane the ritual begins; where to for breakfast?  If one is going to go out for breakfast in Auckland it is easy to choose from a surfeit of very good to exceptional cafes; no reason whatsoever to spend good money on bad food or coffee in Auckland. The problem then became which one?  The crew were divided over this “most important of all choosing”, after all, it had been some years since the older crew had been back in their beloved city and not for long so the decision was crucial.

 The returners had the sentimental firmly in their sights, the need to be reassured by the comfort of old environs;

“Yeah nah!  We’ve moved on from those – bit shabby, “we” go to this one now” claimed the sibling sprog to its old clan sliding grey matter elephant relation, “Better be good then!” “You’ll see mate!” as we screeched to a halt outside Dear Jervois.   If doubts momentarily existed in a fog of sentimental reminiscing they soon dissipated as we approached because it was packed to the rafters and buzzing!

The mark of a great café is not only the fact that it is full of cool people but also the carefree manner the place, the place’s people and physical arrangements are approached.  Dear Jervois had just the right amount of dishevelment on all fronts.

Walls a timeline of history and uneven floorboards if we needed further proof of its authority as one of the original old buildings along this stretch of Jervois Rd, tables symmetrically placed and then wherever they fitted, a cosy front window onto the footpath.

Little pot plants confidently dotted the walls in charming patterns, bench seating as well as tables and a really interesting menu: Matcha waffles (GF) with Nicecream, paleo nuts & quinoa crunch, raspberry mascarpone & maple syrup.  Or, what about this? Mushrooms & potato rosti stack (VG GF fr) with portobello & shiitake mushrooms, slow cooked eggs, lentils, soft herbs, garnished with parmesan & basil pesto on a potato rosti stack – so good!

The coffee was superb – thick and moussey and flavoursome and not boiling; the brioche and muffins were large and had the necessary three of colour, flavour and texture.  Second rounds were had by all such was the quality.

“We take our fair-trade coffee very seriously with a natural approach to food being centred around organic whole foods. We buy fresh local produce daily then transform it into delicious well-balanced dishes, smoothies and drinks.  Our head chef and Swedish owners are food obsessed perfectionists that love bringing every aspect of local and international elements to your plate.”

The sentimental displaced by the new kid on the block and fully worth it!

All bookings are accepted (big and small) from Monday to Friday. Opening hours are Monday to Friday 7am to 4pm and Weekends (Saturday and Sunday) 8 to 4pm.

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