FC Studio: Ibirapuera Apartment & light filled spaces…

In Ibirapuera Apartment in Sao Paulo Brazil, FC Studio has created a light filled space designed to take advantage of the magnificent views on the skyline.  The space has been orchestrated to create discreet areas within a larger open plan; the dynamic shelving unit with triangular striations is a definitive design statement doubling as both space division and as a unique type of shelving.

A neutral palette forms the basis from which to project elements of colour to enliven on one hand and to indicate separate zones on the other, while bespoke furniture gives the apartment a singular edgy aesthetic.    The views provide the piece de resistance and FC Studio has ensured that they are the defining point of interest in the apartment; for this reason there is no need for an unnecessary decorative agenda – it is the commanding view that is and should be centre stage.  Natural colours complement the exterior beauty on display with stronger hues to indicate special areas within the apartment.

However, the architect is clear on an important point; the overall design allows for flexibility in the arrangement of living areas, for example it may be that the furniture is positioned one way at the height of summer and another way in the middle of winter; the space allows for this flexibility.

The chromatic dimensions and language of each piece have been established during the project in order to create a coherent atmosphere within…each environment: comfort, functionality, informality and intimacy.”

To enliven space but not dominate, lighting is at once tailored to specific areas and given arresting form while maintaining the achromatic scheme such as over the dining table.  Similarly the standard lamp near the sofa is a definitive and striking design while remaining neutral in tone.

The master bedroom is a contemporary mix of chic jewel-like colours – warm with cool tones promotes a feeling of luxury with tranquility.  The rich aesthetic immediately imparts a sense of pampered relaxation within an exclusive cloistered sanctuary.

A suggestion of renewal or aesthetic evolution is carried through in the eclectic yet on trend artworks and furnishings; eclecticism means diverse singularity, almost a contradiction, which is true in this case but it also means that a new style or emphasis can be achieved by moving art, objects and furnishings into completely new and yet discreet tableaus thus reinvigorating the apartment with a new look – from winter to spring for example.

Outdoor areas cater to all situations in terms of weather as well as being highly adaptable in relation to having friends over for dinner or indeed to conduct a working meeting.  The wine room is accessed from within and externally making entertaining a dream in this context.  FC Studio has triumphed in terms of architectural flexibility as well as creating a dynamic artistic backdrop to contemporary living.


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