Industry Beans in Rose Street Fitzroy: Refined and progressive…

Melbourne is the best city in the world – right? And because Melbourne is the best city in the world there is no need to travel to others. I say that because at a fundamental level (if you know where to go) amazing coffee and food experiences are not only abundant but in general exceptional in Melbourne.

Fitzroy is an inner city suburb of Melbourne and as such is steeped in historical charm, bespoke Indie shops, incredible restaurants, TDF terrace houses and idiosyncratic street arrangements, typical of older inner city suburbs around the world.  Over the week-ends it is a hive of activity, the pavements awash with bohos, bougee’s, hangers from the 1960’s rebellion and the supa’s – they are all there melting into the pot to make it a scintillating experience and it’s only an eleven minute walk from the CBD, art galleries notwithstanding.

“Located in the heart of Fitzroy, Industry Beans is a transparent operation of sourcing, roasting and brewing specialty coffee alongside an open kitchen serving up a refined and progressive brunch menu.

Housed in an open-planned, award-winning warehouse conversion that stands amongst the suburb’s world-famous street art and graffiti, it’s the perfect spot to enjoy both your weekday ritual and your weekend brunch.

Seven days a week, the barista team at offer an extensive range of single origin and blended coffees brewed on a wide variety of methods including espresso, pour over, aeropress and cold drip.

Coffee is part of the ritual of waking up. Take a sip of that black liquid magic and it rubs the sleep right out of your eyes.

In the last decade, a new wave of innovative coffee roasters across the globe have reimagined our morning brew as a more sensual, pleasurable experience.

Abandoning old ideas about how to roast coffee, these pioneers saw it as something complex and delightful, with many possibilities – something a bit like wine.

Different varietals, growing conditions, processing methods and brewing techniques could each yield something distinctive to savour and celebrate.

The coffee got lighter, richer and fruitier, something to linger over. Inspired by this movement, two brothers in Melbourne founded Industry Beans in 2010. Driven by curiosity and a belief that the coffee roasting process offered possibilities yet to be fully explored, Steve and Trevor Simmons brothers set up in a tiny garage on a shoestring budget and began roasting coffee for themselves.

With established supply chains in key coffee growing regions in Central America, Africa and Asia, Industry Beans has direct trade relationships with numerous coffee farmers, growers and estates. Our transparent grassroots relationships allow us to offer sustainable quality and competitive pricing alongside a compelling narrative about the journey each coffee has taken to reach the cup

Each order is small batch roasted and hand-delivered by one of our coffee roasters who provide on-site extraction and brew support. We creatively apply scientific methodology to the coffee roasting process, revealing the complex and distinctive qualities of each single origin coffee. Alongside your coffee supply, you’ll have access to support that is as consistent and approachable as our coffee. Industry Beans offers extensive training and service support to take your coffee offering to the next level.

The seasonal brunch menu…is an expression of passion and creativity by head chef James Sanders. Sanders works closely with our roastery to create a unique brunch menu incorporating coffee and cuisine. Sanders wealth of international experience enables an inspired interactive menu which provides customers a unique dining experience that challenges expectations.”

When travelling to Melbourne you need rarely to leave Fitzroy because for the “free spirited traveller” and the aesthete, it has, not only great cafes of all types, but everything from art and architecture to interior design, nurseries, books and fashion stores not represented by the invidious chain! 
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