“Oh, Brighton! Brighton! What a place thou art for love, liberty, and salt water.”

Brighton on the southern coast of England has long been a destination for rich and famous Londoners and the gentry of southern England.  Jane Austin wrote about it in Pride and Prejudice as did Graham Greene in Brighton Rock.  It has been described as a place for pick-pockets and a place for peers, but whatever your view of Brighton it has lived in the psyche of the English for centuries. It was following the 1066 invasion by William the Conqueror that the place known as Brighton began the slow march to the status it occupies today as one of Englands’s most popular seaside resorts.  

BRIGHTON HARBOUR HOTEL: Summer of Love 60's party
"Join us for the swinging 60s Summer of Love party! Friday 18th August from 7.30pm. Dig out the flares and the flowery shirt and party back through the decades!"


The Brighton Hotel will see hedonists flocking to sample the extent of pleasures this inn has to offer.  The stylish interiors are carefully curated to reflect the latest in contemporary design and the pleasurable pursuit. The rooms also embody a distinct sense of “relaxed beach side aesthetic” with a shot of exotic low key refinement.  Elsewhere, the HarBAR and Jetty Restaurant emit different enjoyment values, so that the Jetty interiors seem redolent of a more Hampton’s meets English tropical vibe; eat well and comfortably and leave.  Whereas in the HarBAR the interior stakes have soared in a buzz of dark walls, jewelled colours, velvet, gold, silver, marble – hip luxe to settle and get down a few Street Music’s… http://www.brighton-harbour-hotel.co.uk/

“David Marks describes the inspiration for British Airways i360: People love to see a landscape from above. Anyone who’s ever visited the Eiffel Tower, the Empire State Building or the London Eye knows that a bird’s eye view of a famous city is a sight that never leaves you. Architectural “…landmarks like these not only enhance the skyline – they celebrate the cities they belong to. The tower is 162 metres tall and the passenger viewing pod approx 18mts wide; the pod climbs to a height of 137 metres (or 450 feet) making it the tallest moving observation tower in the world.” http://britishairwaysi360.com/

The Brighton Pavillion “…is an exotic palace in the centre of Brighton with a colourful history. Built as a seaside pleasure palace for King George IV, this architectural masterpiece mixes Regency grandeur with the visual style of India and China. The eclectic architecture and interiors are a must to see when visiting. After George took over as Prince Regent he had architect John Nash in 1815 transform his modest villa in Brighton into what we see today as the Royal Pavilion.” http://brightonmuseums.org.uk/royalpavilion/

The Royal Pavilion Brighton
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