Cliffs Margate: The meaning of everything…

Margate has been on the up and up in the last few years not least because of the tranquil seaside life style on offer but also because a beautiful old Victorian terrace house with loads of charm can be acquired for much less than a similar property in London, just over one hundred kilometres away. A number of young-ish professionals have ditched London for Margate to take up the regal and beautiful  terraces left in disrepair in the aftermath of Margate’s post-war heyday; it’s thought one of the catalysts for this demise was Euravia’s first flight out of London to Spain’s Palma de Mallorca in 1962; Brits no longer holidayed on their own shores in anything like the numbers once Europe could be reached relatively quickly and easily.  However, Margate is undergoing something of a resurgence on the back of creatives moving there not only because real estate is cheap but also because of the relaxed laid back lifestyle the Kentish coast affords.  Additionally, Margate offers a sense of community perhaps not immediately at the ready in London when hours are often spent commuting on the tube – plus the weather is thought to be better than that of  London.  While the much publicized and epic do-up of Dreamland theme park; that icon got a much needed injection into the lobe of memory when the Gorillaz’s Demon Dayz festival was held there in June; some 15,000 turned up to the event and it was considered an outstanding musical success. But perhaps Margate’s Renaissance began when the Turner Contemporary landed a walk from Margate’s old town and beautifully positioned itself overlooking the ocean..  As more and more visionaries realise what Margate has to offer and trade in their stress levels for beach walking, star gazing and cultural diversity sparking positive vibes in their midst – Margate will continue to put itself on the map in more ways to come…!


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